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Tech Ethics For EveryOne


Coed:Ethics is the 1st summit & conference about Practical tech ethics from a practitioner's perspective.

13th July 2018, London

After the Facebook, Uber and Volkswagen scandals, where are we as an industry? How did we get here and will things get better or worse? 80% of developers don’t feel it’s their responsibility if unethical products go live. Are they right?

In this pragmatic, action-focussed conference and summit we'll be questioning who is ultimately responsible for the impact of tech products, for good and bad, and what they can do about it.

Code doesn't kill people, product managers do? Or maybe shareholders? CEOs? Developers? Or do we all need to be informed and responsible?

This is a radically new event championing bottom-up, developer-driven ethics. How can we make technologists the last bastion of defence against unethical products? After all, we design, write and deploy them.

What's On?

With talks, open mic and panels, we'll be examining ethical decision-making at scale, building ethical products vs unethical ones, the psychology of making and standing by decisions and the pragmatic application of ethics within the Agile or CD process.

Should techies be amoral guns for hire? Can we be more and what resources can help us? This is the first in a series of events designed to change the conversation.

Why Attend?

The event is focused at leaders, community activists and interested folk at all levels of tech. We love intelligent, challenging discussion in a welcoming environment - with actionable results!

Supporting Coed:Ethics is a great way for sponsors and attendees to demonstrate they care about where tech is going and how we get there safely, scaleably, and inclusively.

Who Are We?

Coed:Ethics is brought to you by Anne Currie and the team at Container Solutions working together with Coed:Code, the London tech meetup with over 700 members of all ages, genders, races, levels of experience in tech and (dis)abilities. Ethics in tech is a debate for everyone.


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We have some amazing talks.

After a hard-hitting keynote on the harrowing impact

of poor data science, we'll hear about practical steps,

processes & ways of thinking that might stop our products

from causing harm. Finally we'll end on the story of Mitsuku -

currently the world's leading simulated human and designed to be a force for good.


Cori Crider

A US drone incinerates a carload of shoppers heading to market, including a mother and her ten-year-old daughter. A wedding is ruined when a drone hits the bridal party. A local imam denounces al-Qaeda in a sermon; he dies in a drone attack the very next week.

The debate over autonomous weapons can obscure a hard truth: ‘big data' has been used to kill people for years. Sharing insights from her investigations of US drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan, human rights lawyer Cori Crider will explore how misuse of mass surveillance data has claimed innocent lives.


Cori Crider, a US lawyer, directed Reprieve’s Counter-Terrorism team from 2009-16. For more than a decade she has investigated and litigated abuses in the “war on terror”: Guantánamo, CIA rendition and torture, and drone attacks in undeclared war zones. She writes and speaks about the national security state and the ethics of technology in intelligence.


Yanqing Cheng is a high-scale networking systems engineer - a job mixing forward-looking ideas with decades-old protocols, which provides constant insights into the balancing act between innovation and stability.  She is fascinated by machine learning and future tech, and is also an avid singer and dancer.

Yanqing will be talking about ethical decision-making with a focus on how intuitions don’t scale, emotion and instincts lead us to do the wrong thing, and we are all individually full of blind spots.  She’ll attempt to show us all what doing it right might look like - at the end of the day, we may need to do things that are hard, or unappealing, or controversial in order to develop ethical new technology ethically (and yes “ethic” is in that sentence twice for a reason!).


Hi, I am Mitsuku..

headshot2 (1).jpg

Mitsuku, currently the world's leading conversational chatbot, is a friend to thousands of real people every day from school children to AI researchers. Mitsuku and her creator Steve Worswick will talk to us about the design decisions underlying Mitsuku that allow her to stay good despite the constant efforts of the ethics hackers that took out Microsoft's Tay. 

UK IT veteran Steve Worswick is the three-time winner of the Loebner Prize Turing Test - the global competition to determine whether a computer can still be distinguished from a real human. As the 2017 award holder, Steve is currently the world's best chatbot creator.

location, News & agenda


Location: Microsoft Reactor, Shoreditch. 70 Wilson Street, EC2A 2DB


Agenda - To be announced

Talks, panel, open mic and a vigorous hallway track.


Many thanks to our great sponsors who are leading the discussion of ethics in tech.

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Many thanks to Digi2al & all our amazing sponsors for making this conference a reality.

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One of our Coed:Ethics goals is to build resources for developers around ethics in technology. We've set up a github project of useful links, thoughts and information for devs and non-devs alike. Please read and contribute your favourite resources.

We are also looking into resources about and trials of ethical Agile processes. Can we automate ethics? If not, how close can we get?


Anne and Container Solutions are collaborating with the OpenSecuritySummit in June to run a workshop to build ethical security checklists, which will be available as a community resource under CC.

We are collaborating with the tech Think Tank Doteveryone on ethical checklists (or Responsible Tech as their project is called).

We will be collaborating with Digi2al and others to trial and generate some feedback loops on the checklists we develop, which will be CC. Contact us to get involved in building and trialling, or just keep an eye on the GitHub account for resources being published.

Get Involved 

There are lot's of ways to show support or get involved!

  • You can demonstrate your support for dev ethics by tweeting about your views on ethical issues under #ethics.
  • You can read the resources above and even contribute!
  • You can watch the conference talks, which will all be freely available afterwards on the InfoQ website.
  • You can get involved in our development and trial of Ethical Agile or Responsible Tech processes.
  • You can sponsor the conference (any extra money will go to supporting more events and the development and dissemination of our resources).
  • You can contact the organiser, Anne Currie on Twitter @anne_e_currie or by email at

For ongoing news of the conference, we'll be keeping this site updated or you can follow Anne who tweets everything that happens as it happens!